Efficient service with Funk-specific software tools

Our holistic perspective as a system house of risk solutions includes taking our clients’ efficiency into account as we advise them. For this reason, our services also stretch to include the development of IT-based software tools that provide our clients with optimal support in insurance, risk and pension management.

State of the art: practice-oriented software applications

Our specific software tools have been developed in cooperation with our clients and are updated on an ongoing basis.

‘My Funk’ client portal – your personal online area

You can use your personal login details to access all of the basic and up-to-date information about your individual insurance programme on our client portal, My Funk, at any time. The browser-based graphical interface provides optimal user guidance. You can view and evaluate the following data and more via the client portal:

  • Companies and assisting brokers, both national and international
  • Insurance contracts, both national and international
  • National claims
  • Custom sorting and filtering options

You also have the option of adding claims to the portal and accessing reports on contracts and claims. Individual information and reports can be developed specifically for your company for an additional fee.

Efficient learning with e-learning@Funk – web-based training on product liability

e-learning@Funk is a tool that you can use to flexibly and efficiently run employee training and optimise risk minimisation in your company. The web-based learning programme facilitates employee training that is flexible both in terms of time and location, and ensures a uniform, high level of knowledge that is documented using the tool in the event of a claim.

  • Relevant for employees working in development, production, quality management and control, purchasing and sales
  • Content: general product liability, contractual liability, tortious product liability, manufacturer’s legal duty to maintain safety, safety warnings, final test and certificate

Through its flexibility, e-learning@Funk represents a time and resource-saving training concept that allows companies to both minimise risk and reduce costs in terms of loss prevention and optimisation of deductibles.

RIMIKS software for comprehensive risk management

RIMIKS is a universally implementable, fully browser and database-compatible software solution for practice-oriented risk management. Specially developed for the needs of medium-sized companies and groups, RIMIKS can be used to map out the entire risk management process including an internal control system (ICS) and therefore ensure proper bookkeeping and financial reporting. As an independent, user-oriented IT-platform, RIMIKS provides reliable and transparent support for companies in the identification, assessment and control of their specific risks.

EVIDENCE software for controlling supply chain risks

The value chain of international companies is often a wide-spread network that presents complex risks that are very difficult to completely estimate. Funk assesses the specific business interruption risks and their financial consequences using the IT-based analysis tool, EVIDENCE. Within just a few days EVIDENCE can analyse highly complex relationships and dependencies in the supply chain, calculate the risk of a business interruption and assess the dependencies in customer and supplier relations. Companies can use this information to introduce targeted measures and draw up appropriate emergency plans.

Timely communication – the Funk Benefit Information System (FuBIS)

Only when a company communicates its company pension solutions fully and transparently can employees be aware of and make use of these benefits. With this purpose especially in mind, Funk developed the web-based pension tool, FuBIS (Funk Benefit Information System). FuBIS is a customisable pension portal that allows employees to get information about the company’s pension schemes and work through various scenarios independently and flexibly. Each employee can view their current pension status, compare offers or submit an online request to take part in a pension scheme. FuBIS provides the HR department increased transparency and a complete overview of pension-related topics.

Funk proMIT – the private insurance portal for your employees

Funk proMIT is a portal for comparing insurance offers. A company can provide this portal to its employees as a voluntary company service. The insurance portal can be integrated both visually and functionally to become an extension of the company’s web presence. It offers employees the following functions:

  • Calculation and comparison of insurance offers with the option of obtaining a policy online
  • Special proMIT insurance scheme
  • Personal advice through the communication centre

By optimising their private insurance agreements, employees save money, making Funk proMIT an attractive tool and a smart component for employee retention.

BauSecura IT tools for process-optimised claims management in buildings insurance

In cooperation with Aareon Germany, Funk offers system-integrated IT solutions for the paperless management of building insurance claims with the specific aim of optimising the process of claims management in buildings insurance. The tools are fully integrated in the ERP systemsGES, Wodis Sigma and Blue Eagle and only require three additional entries in the system when maintenance postings are being processed normally, in order to process an insurance claim quickly and easily. We take on the fully automatic processing of insurance claims and invoicing data, as well as settlement with the insurer, including house account-related posting of compensation paid. Posting processes, such as account reconciliation between the insurance request and compensation paid, take place fully automatically. Naturally, detailed claims reporting follows in the client’s desired format. For real estate companies, this approach offers a high degree of transparency and process efficiency and therefore represents a significant time and cost-saving in the processing of every single buildings insurance claim.