Risk management

Transparency in supply chain risks

In a world of connected supply chains, business interruptions can result in significant financial damages. The management should therefore be aware of the worst case and obtain protection with a business interruption insurance based on needs. The market for the corresponding insurances has hardened, creating additional challenges. more

Optimising business interruption insurance

The market for industrial property and business interruption insurance is changing. For years the overall result has been negative, as the premiums taken in have not been sufficient to cover the high claims payouts.  more

Tariffs, subventions, taxes

Trade policy measures like tariffs, subventions or taxes affect flows of goods. The consequences can be risky for companies. more

Stress test creates transparency

Statistics show that political risks have become one of the greatest risks that German companies fear.  more

Open data in practice

Download a free book chapter on the Funk Political Risk Map  more

Clear communication in day-to-day clinical work

If there is poor communication between doctors, nursing staff and therapists, the patient is often the one who suffers. Clear communication can therefore prevent life-threatening mistakes.  more

Champion fighter or glass jaw?

How well prepared are you for a crisis? Companies can now test their mettle with the resilience quick check.  more

Hitting hackers with their own weapons

A company’s cyber risk and its IT security are closely associated. Now companies can use the advanced cyber risk analysis from Funk to identify the weaknesses in their IT landscape as well. more

Ensure your success

In the era of just-in-time production and delivery, robust supply chains are more important than ever for companies. But disruptions, such as natural disasters or geopolitical crises, are happening at an increasing rate worldwide. more

Individual political risk exposure

Trouble is brewing in hot spots all over the world, and the effects of political change are stretching to companies, too. Businesses can analyse by the Funk political risk stress test. more

Strengthening your company’s defences

For companies, an interruption to operations is the worst-case scenario. With effective business continuity management you can respond quickly in the event of a crisis. more

Come out of isolation

Pretty much every company faces disruptions to their supply chain. Cooperative risk management can help, according to an ongoing study conducted by Jacobs University Bremen.  more

A new age dawns

A new version of the ISO 9001 standard has been published. Funk offers ISO Quick Check to determine quickly whether a company needs to take action in order to maintain compliance. more

Too often an isolated solution

German companies still have significant room for improvement to achieve optimal synergy of risk management, compliance and internal control systems. more

Holistic consideration for more efficiency

Company insurance policies are a fundamental part of risk management. In most companies, overall costs can be reduced significantly. Transparency is needed for this more

Risk transfer vs risk acceptance

When is an insurance policy practical? The question of transferring vs accepting risk is important for companies of all sizes. more

Planning security within 48 hours

When everything works, everything works. But what happens when it doesn’t? Then companies have a problem. Do you know how unforeseen events can impact your balance sheet? more

Efficient check

Smooth logistics is a prerequisite for commercial success. That is especially true the more global the supply chain becomes. But how do companies protect themselves from an interruption? more

Responsible decisions for the future

Is calculating the inconceivable possible? Modern system software provides transparency, analysis and efficiency in the decision-making process. more